About Us

What's with the name?

KHORA (or khôra) is described as

"A place of becoming"

What we believe - in order to flourish we must seek an environment that supports growth. KHORA provides the space that allows you to create and expand by clothing you in comfort for both your body and your mind.

Through responsible choices, we create small batch items with environmental and supply chain ecology in mind. Helping you feel good in and about what you're wearing.

KHORA Values

Integrity is the foundation of all that we do and we strive to remain responsible and transparent in all aspects of our company and supply chain. As human beings we have a responsibility to ourselves, society, and the planet. 

Our private label items are produced locally and ethically in small batches, ensuring workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage. In our commitment to remain as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible, we utilize recycled and recyclable packing and shipping materials, maximize our use of natural and recycled fabrics, minimize waste, and reduce our use of plastics and chemicals wherever we can.

We know that transparency is key to empowering you to make responsible decisions about what you consume. We will never hide the origin of materials, worker conditions, or green-wash anything. We acknowledge the shortcomings of active wear and the fashion industry as a whole and strive for continuing improvement of our products and processes. As technology advances, so do we.

Quality - Our items are made to last. We are committed to making quality performance clothing and accessories and we dive deep to learn about the materials and processes available in the industry. Only the best make the cut to become KHORA items. Everything we make is inspected multiple times throughout the production process and once again right before we ship it to you. Our private label items are designed and manufactured right here in the USA - Gainesville, Florida to be exact. Why? Because keeping production close to home allows less travel and shipping of raw materials, helping us reduce emissions. Employing locals supports a strong economy and gives us control over the worker conditions in our production facility. Lastly, keeping production local provides ease of access to our supply chain and producers, giving us more oversight and better quality control.

 Harmony - Of course we want to make the best clothing that we can, but showing up in the world as you are takes more than a great outfit. It takes courage. And we want to help you be the best YOU!  Learning how to honor and respect ourselves is a lifelong journey, and we hope that as a company, we can provide some tools and inspiration to help along your path. It is the love of yourself that allows you the freedom of being authentic and to show up, speak out, and be who you are. We produce and promote quality content to help you improve your life and relationship with yourself. We FIRMLY believe that when we live in harmony - with ourselves, others, and the earth, we cultivate a better world.

Fun! - What is life without fun!? BORING, that’s what! We design our clothes with flattering cuts and timeless styles that inspire confidence and creativity so you can have fun, play, and explore your passions. Happy Creating!

    Thank you for helping us grow!

    If you have questions or comments, please reach out to us at khora.clothing@gmail.com