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What Do All Those Laundry Symbols Mean?

It's OK if you're a "grown up" and don't know how to fold a fitted sheet or drive a stick shift or whatever. But you no longer have to look at those icons on your clothing tag, shrug, and hope for the best as you toss an entire load of whatever into the washing machine.

We know you invest in staple items that you want to keep around forever and doing our part to keep more clothing out of landfills is always a huge perk. Properly caring for your garments extends their life by preventing them from fabric degradation, fading, and excess misshaping. It can also keep your clothes looking newer and significantly reduce your cost per wear!

Let's get learning!

There are 5 types of icons:  A bucket is the symbol for all of your washing instructions, the square is for drying, the iron (you guessed it) is for ironing, the triangle for bleach, and the circle for dry cleaning. Each of these icons has variations for method, temperature, and cycle.



laundry symbols for drying clothing


laundry clothing care icons for ironing


laundry symbols for bleach instructions


clothing care icons for drycleaning


Voila! Now you are a laundry pro and can keep those pole shorts looking great and wearing well for years to come!


*Some manufacturers use the temperature in degrees in place of the dots.

**You probably only need these first two


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