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How to Get the Most Out of Your Pole (or any movement) Class!

Show up! Yes, the hardest part is starting, we know. But what about REALLY showing up? Think about the reasons you value going to pole class… is it to get stronger/ more flexible? Have fun and break away from the day? Spend time with your community? Something else?

We all know pole ain’t cheap (nor should it be!) So what are you doing to optimize that investment in yourself? Keep reading for some actionable practices to help you get the most from your pole (or any movement) class!

  • My first, and arguably most important tip is to Come Prepared. Showing up ready to rock that class is the best way to set yourself up for success. Preparedness for class can look like: 
    • Have you eaten? Are you fueling your body to help it perform at it’s best? Knowing how to nourish that beautiful vessel of yours is a great way to optimize the physical aspect of your pole practice. Besides, no one likes being a hangry Susan. Dive deeper on pre and post workout nutrition here: Also make sure you drink water before class and stay sipping throughout the lesson. 
    • Any *injuries? Something that needs extra attention? Like that one shoulder that needs some mobility work before class. Take a few moments before going in to assess any extra needs your body has that day - and give to it! You’re about to ask a lot of that body, so make sure to care for it in return.
    • Got your Pole Bag? Keeping all your essentials in one place helps you stay organized and makes this tip a breeze. Read more about stocking your pole bag with all the essentials in our upcoming Blog Post! 

  • My next big tip is Honor your time - Showing up on time and with the right tools (re my first tip) will allow you to settle into class mode seamlessly, without rushing or scrambling and helps to ensure you are ready when class begins. Part of honoring your time is ensuring that your mind stays with your body. Are you paying attention to the instructor? Where is your phone? What kind of class is it? - the headspace you need for freestyle prompts class might be way different than for an advanced tricks class. You schedule this time for yourself, so staying present is a great way to honor that commitment!

  • Use Your Voice - Are you using your voice to ask for what you need? Do you need to see that again? Want a spot? Or are your questions more technical? ASK THEM!  Instructors can’t read your thoughts and most don’t mind showing you the move on the other side or nerding out about the physics of pole and movement mechanics to help you hit that pole goal and earn that new Pole Kiss. Make sure you feel comfortable speaking up and asking questions during class or after class if that is more your style. 

  • My last tip is to Have Fun! - Honestly, I don’t know anyone who does pole because it isn’t fun. But sometimes we can forget that this is play time for us! Giving yourself room to show up and be a student, letting go of those harsh expectations, can open a world of fun that you already have access to! Learning something new can be clumsy, awkward, and even unnatural, but let yourself be the newbie and show up with a mindset of playfulness.

To sum it up, getting the most out of your pole class is easy; Show up. Come Prepared. Honor your time. Use your voice. And Have fun! 

Happy Poling!

*Make sure to seek medical attention when necessary and discuss all injuries with your instructor.

About the Author

Marina is a career biologist with a background in anatomy and biomechanics of movement in vertebrates. She has been Poling since 2014 and began her instructing career in the Summer of 2017. Since then she has earned multiple fitness certifications from AFAA and XPERT and as a forever student continues to learn any chance she gets. Marina’s teaching style values safety and student empowerment, focusing on foundational techniques first to keep students' bodies safe and achieving success in their movement. Marina incorporates a well-being approach into her lessons, knowing from personal experience that pole is not only a physical sport, but an instrument for profound changes in mental and emotional health.

You can contact Marina at

And see more of her on Instagram @LoveForTheStrange 

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