Finding a Pole Studio While Traveling; A How-To Guide

Finding a Pole Studio While Traveling; A How-To Guide

Have you ever… taken a pole class while traveling? Have you ever… traveled to visit a studio? With self-care on the rise and the accessibility of remote work, vacations are getting longer and destinations are getting further. Pole studios are popping up everywhere, each with their own unique style and focus. So when the opportunity arises to take a pole class while abroad, we say DO IT! 

Travel in itself is hard, so finding a pole studio, signing up for a class or session, getting there etc. can be hard to navigate. That’s why I put together a list of pro-tips and resources that can make the journey as delightful as the destination. 

Step one is identifying how much time you have and how you’re going to get there. 

If you’re at a conference, you may not have as much flexibility in your schedule if you were on a solo, hang-out vacation. Most studios have classes in the evening, but bigger cities have a wide range of people with varying schedules and they might offer daytime or morning classes. So don’t count yourself out if you don’t have evening availability. Pro-tip: If your trip agenda just won’t work with the studio’s class schedule, reach out to schedule a private lesson with an instructor!

Having a car opens up a lot of options, but parking can get complicated in a city like NY or Boston. So when traveling by car, message or call the studio to ask about the best places to park. 

Ride-sharing is pretty much everywhere. Most cities have Uber, but some lean more towards Lyft or a local service. Some have cool features and carpool options. Check local travel blogs for tips on navigating ride-sharing! 

Public transportation can be AWESOME, but intimidating in a new city. Here are some pro-tips so you can look like a local. 

  1. Check out a map beforehand and write out your route in advance. 
  2. Don’t assume the way there will be the same route back! Some busses and trains only run during rush hour. 
  3. Check the city transportation website or app for the cost of fare, how to purchase tickets and holiday changes in service. 
  4. Always budget more time than you think you need and arrive 5 minutes early.
  5. Check out local travel blogs for tips on the reliability, safety and short-cuts!

Finding a studio can feel a little risky. Especially if it’s an unfamiliar city. Our favorite resources to find studios are MindBody, Instagram and good ol’ Google Maps. 

Google Maps is normally my first stop to get an idea of the area, distance and options. They also show public transportation routes. Which is great, but remember to adjust the arrival time and double-check the route on the transportation website! Pro-tip: Find the entrance on street view and screenshot the image to help find the building later!

MindBody PRO’s: it’s a huge network and you can limit your search by distance, then register for the class in the app. CON’s: Some studios don’t use MindBody, so it doesn’t give you all the available options, and it doesn’t have directions. Pro-tip: Always check directions before choosing a studio! A location 5 miles away could be harder to get to than something twice as far. 

Instagram may not have a search function to find a place to take a class.. But it’s a great way to check out their reputation and get an idea for the style of dance. Some studios are more strength based, some focus on movement. And the personality of pole studios can be polar opposite. One might embrace stripper culture and the next one could border on a ballet studio. I love to be out of my comfort zone, so I like to roll the dice! 

Now that you have somewhere in mind and you know how to get there… Sign up! Check the website or social media page for the signup process and read the studio FAQ’s for new student offers, special instructions on attending for the first time, late policy and appropriately matching your skill level to a class. 

Before you know it, it’s time to pack! DO remember the essentials for the class like knee pads, grip and water. DO pack your favorite pole outfit so no matter the mood or vibe of the day, you can have confidence you have something that will feel right. <3  DON’T bring several options for shoes. Cargo space is precious and can be costly, so choose wisely! 

Super important.. make new friends and enjoy the class! A totally new instructor offers a great chance to freshen up your warm-up and conditioning. They might have a new take on the floor work move you have been trying to nail, or a new entry into that old trick you love. Fun fact, tricks have drastically different names from studio to region! Oh, and be sure to chat with the instructor and other students before or after class. It’s a great way to connect with the locals and get recommendations for things to do in the city. 

Lastly, follow the studio on social and write them a review! Yelp, Google, MindBody are great ways to give an outsider’s opinion and say thanks for the experience!

For many polers out there, we rely on pole as an outlet for stress. Going too long without it can be taxing on the body and mind. Getting a pole class in while traveling is an awesome way to explore a city and expose yourself to different instructors and styles. Heck, some of us travel just for pole! With conventions, retreats, and competitions raising the game, it’s another reason to take off work and check your bags! 


About the Author


Amanda is an Event Coordinator with a passion for bringing people together. Her favorite hobbies include board games, being out in nature and pole! She started poling in 2017 as a way to build strength for aerial silks and instantly fell in love. Amanda is the Khora Clothing social media guru and brand cheerleader by supporting our values and connecting with our Khora fam. 


Check out her on Instagram @the.flying.yogi


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